Anita Moorjani
New York Times Bestselling Author and International Speaker

Anita Moorjani has been at the apex of spiritual discussions since her astounding 2006 Near-Death Experience (NDE). In 2011, the illuminating story of Anita’s journey beyond the veil grabbed the attention of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who then fostered her entrance into the world of public speaking. At Dr. Dyer’s insistence, Anita penned the New York Times Best Seller “Dying to be Me” (2012). Telling the story of how conflicting ideologies, fear, and being a downtrodden empath created the cancer that drove her to her NDE, Anita’s chronicle of life and death has won millions of hearts.

In recent years, Anita’s two other books "What If This Is Heaven" (2017) and "Sensitive is the New Strong" (2021) have reached significant acclaim, helping people navigate a world that is increasingly loud and harsh. With the knowledge she gained from crossing over the divide between the physical and spiritual worlds, Anita’s expert advice shows people how to connect with the spirit to find the support they need, no matter the issues they face. Anita’s wisdom and poignant story of life and death is also beautifully illustrated in two books for the young and the young at heart: “Love, A Story about Who You Truly Are” and “Scaredy Caterpillar”. Both books cleverly share her message of the importance of embodying love in a fear-based world.

Born in Singapore to Indian (Sindhi) parents, and raised in Hong Kong between the mixed Indian, British, and Chinese cultures, Anita now lives in the United States. Over the last two decades, Anita has traveled the world sharing her insights of what it means to live joyfully and lovingly in a fear-based world. From her Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) to her live retreats, extended workshops, and week-long cruises, Anita creates a marinade that takes her followers from healing to whole. In her books and events, Anita continues to teach us the truth that we all have the inner power and wisdom to overcome even the most adverse situations.


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