Desda Zuckerman
Founder, Conscious Intelligence & Author of Your Sacred Anatomy

Over the last 45 years Desda Zuckerman has deeply observed, documented and mapped what she came to see was human spiritual anatomy. Her analysis and exacting study lead to the foundation of the discipline, Conscious Intelligence, an intentional healing modality and philosophy that is based in the subtle anatomy and physiology of the Human Energy Structure. Today she is recognized as a leading cartographer of the Sacred Anatomy. Her anatomical studies are documented in her encyclopedic book, Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owners Guide to the Human Energy Structure, first published in 2012.

At last, these Sacred Anatomy teachings are revealed to benefit all healers, seekers and students of human potential. Today, Desda is passionately bringing her message of grounded transformation, awakened awareness and conscious wellness to the world. An inspired teacher, dynamic speaker, ordained minister, master healer, paradigm shifting thought leader, she holds the promise that transformation is as close as your heartbeat, and that enlightenment is fun. She is grateful for the love and trust her thousands of clients and students have placed in her abilities and dedicates her work to the good of all.

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