Alane Freund, LMFT
International Consultant on High Sensitivity, Founder Are You Highly Sensitive

Alane FreundLMFT is a consultant, speaker, and therapist for highly sensitive people and has worked in mental health for three decades. An International Consultant on High Sensitivity (ICHS), Alane has developed and implemented programs for highly sensitive people, youth, and the clinicians who serve them. She holds master’s degrees in both clinical psychology and school counseling and is the parent of a highly sensitive young adult. 

Alane’s widely acclaimed Talks at Google, Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person, has become a major resource for HSPs worldwide. She hosts the twice-monthly Are You Highly Sensitive Q&A workshops and leads small group Sensitivity Circles, including Parenting Sensitivity, Sensitive & Anxious Teens, HSProfessionals, HSQs, and Wise Women & Wonder (HSWomen 50+). 

Alane offers team building, educational workshops, and retreats online and across the globe, including her trademarked program, HSPs & Horses, at Heart and Mind Equine in California.


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