Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest
Medical Intuitive, Teacher, and Author

Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest is an Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive,  Akashic records reader, mystic, ceremonialist, and healer. She is a teacher of medical intuition, mysticism, mediumship, psychic development, and spiritual healing, and the author of The Ethical Psychic.

A former philosophy professor with extensive teaching experience, she helps students connect to higher realms and develop their intuitive gifts. She is traditionally trained in Native American sweat lodge, African American Hoodoo, Caribbean spiritual healing, and spiritualism.

She is the founder of the online school Metatron’s Academy, where she teaches medical intuition and other supersensory courses. She also hosts the podcast, Journal of a Medical Intuitive.

Dr. Vest holds a PhD in Indigenous Philosophy from UC Berkeley, an MA in history from Howard, and a BA in Physics from Hampshire College. 


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